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  1. Since they enforced to enter Casinos differently you pretty much need to be mr. monopoly man, few years ago anyone could enter them people enjoyed themselves had a lot of fun now many have disappeared, there were a few I visited ages ago suddenly destination no longer exists, they lose money, linden labs loses money because the guests used to be able to visit casinos and buying lindens in exchange for real money, business was good, until then now land values have gone way up, if you want some parcel of 4098 in size many are now pricing them as much as 2700 a week few pricing as low as 900 a week. land pricing is skyrocketing, people are leaving second life now because of costs and dealing with gridwide hiccups all the time.
  2. It seems everyone prefers the mesh skin with the enhancement huds but I have to wonder if we will get the huds for classic skins seeing how the mesh skins are out of the price range for many, why not have an add on to the classic skin so we can enhance our chest up to say 150% from 100% many of us want to feel confident. Will this be in the works ??????
  3. 512 is like your neighbors single car garage, your towns golf course is around 20 acres, thats like a 4096 land size :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: 1/4 thats about the size of a small town, I know it sounds corny but it's about the best to comparing sizes to SL and RL
  4. He has some 9000 fans here, his rules are 2 pages filled to start voting not 3 names, I shall not mention his name for risk of him knowing
  5. A clean reinstall won't help at all programs gonna be there still MelodieBliss wrote: Since yesterday I cant enter my password in singularity viewer..the box just stays blank and doesnt show any letters..but i can in firestorm..is this a hardware setting error? I didnt change anything on purpose. I want my singularity back:smileysad: 'A step foreward to be successful a step back risks 2 steps back' gonna be there no matter what, i've deleted the setup and all, and still was able to log in, what I can't figure out is why everyone is using 30 different viewers 30 people are going to see us differently, Second Life came with a viewer it's what we should all use, we won't have any complaining ever cause we will all see everyone the same
  6. They will remain nameless but hundreds of fans know him very well, known nationwide, but often his person gets everyone in for 2 sometimes 4 hours for his event then the last minutes closes the board if less then 2 pages filled making everyone upset that they had spent an X amount of time having fun getting on the event board then closes it before anyone can vote on a name. What do you think is this rude should this person get a slap on th wrist. You all know who I'm talking about
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