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  1. *Shakes head* No, I was just standing around. And, to my knowledge the person in question was just another visitor of the sim. None who was actually involved with building (I know the person who did build the sim, and they did it by themselves with no help from others) the place. I've asked around, and some have suggested this person was using a hud called 'emdash', which actually exists but, among its features there's nothing that makes it look like said hud can override other users privacy settings. Another information I've come across is that the person in question may have tweaked a file into the SL installation folder so to modify the behavior of an option listed inside the debug settings console (ctrl+alt+shift+s) in order to achieve the desired result of overriding privacy settings.
  2. Hmm, there are no experiences to be accepted, at the sim where this went down.
  3. I'm interested in knowing if it can be suppressed, somehow. To restore the functionality of the privacy settings that this workaround apparently bypasses. It seems like an abuse of something that users are not meant to have access to?
  4. So, this is the thing. I have my privacy settings filled so that my camera target hints are hidden. This means that nobody should be able to tell where I'm looking, right? Today, at a public sim, I've met someone who could accurately tell where I was looking at from a distance of nearly 1000 meters. I have RLV and any other such things disabled. Yes, I double checked my privacy settings. In this person's words " It is a developer thing, but it is so well hidden that you need be told where to look, otherwise you'll not be able to find it ". I'm on firestorm and no, I did not find anything in the advanced / developer menus that would shine a light on this. The conversation was held in local, and my computer crashed at some point so, I can't fish the logs. So, any clues on how this may be achieved (To suppress it, if possible)?
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