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  1. I am an experienced dog role player of around 4-5 years. I was in search of a permanent family home. I'm willing to be any type of loving pet for any type of roleplay (ranch type, typical family home, even town police dog, etc.) I am good with kids, also, and can do well with a single owner or even multiple. SO far, no training in any canine-oriented work. My main dog form would be a medium to large black mutt (German Sheperd/Lab) I also have an Australian Shepherd and a Yellow lab. All adults. I have collars equipped also. If you would like to adopt me or learn more contact me in-game @DakotaWolf
  2. I'm really not sure if I'm suppossed to post this here but I need urgant help. About a 2 weeks ago on a friday I bought 30$ worth of Lindons. I recieved them and everything was fine, bought myself some new avatars. Next Monday, I bought another 30$ worth of Lindons, they said the transaction was a success and it would be a minute if it took the L a while to come. They never did. A friend said I could trust Lindon Labs and that it was probably traffic and maybe take a few hours. It still never came, so I forgot about it for awhile, hoping maybe it would just POOF and come. Here I am, and I never got my money. What happened and will I ever get it?! I paid 30$ for no reason? How can I get my money or most importantly I just want to know what the heck happened. Please, I really need help.
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