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  1. a friend was asking me what place is great for public sex they liked to be watched and vice versa. i gave them the places i go to but i really only go to 2 places for those types of things so im asking here (also they didnt want to so im doing it for them lol). please just leave the place name below. would be great if it didnt lag either. just a good place low lag and watchful eyes with naked horny bodies attached to them
  2. so I've been on sl using it to have fun. there was a time I was looking for a master/mistress but couldn't get one. got offers and at least went through the talks of what was expected but with me being new to this and never trying it I do not know what I should do to actual get one and wether or not it a sub or slave (as I know there is a difference in what I might be to some.) for me, i want to be used and told what to do. since I haven't found any limits I don't know my limits. I know of 2-3 limits that I have. but anything else so far goes in my book. when I ever started talking to those people ill tell them. if you try something and I learn I don't like it ill tell them and be willing to talk about it, but ill be willing to try it at least once. what should I do? is there a good place to go to to find master or mistress? also not good at the whole rping yet for this. I mean its basic and would like to improve but unsure how unless I see others do it. when doing group activities like this I pay attention to what the others do and try them my own way to improve but haven't done heavy rp or decent yet. this is not me asking for im in the world to offer to be master/mistress but just for help so I can see if I can find one on my own
  3. yeah one thing i kept seeing as i was looking this up was xml and avastar which i figured id need no matter what the answer to my question would be. i did watch one video that showed me how to rig the body i want to the sl body/shape and it showed me how to export it. so i do plan on looking at things that will give me more info on that part of things.
  4. alright well nice to know the diffenice. id like to be able to make both shape and mesh bodies. it seems mesh bodies you can do more with then a shape. but for basic purpose to get close to the shape i want might just want to start with a shape and move on to blender to make mesh bodies after i pracitce.
  5. i assume this is where i needed to post this but wasnt 100% sure. so like the title says i want to learn how to make skins and shapes using blender. more exactly i wanted to know if there is a genral youtube video/channel that can watch and learn all i need to know. if not second best would be something on the web that goes through all the steps needed to make a avater skin and shape. so if anyone can help point me to the right direction that would be great. the goal is to be able to use them for my self and maybe sell some on sl market if i can. (added this if it matters or not :)
  6. hello and thank u for clicking on my post i am sorry to say i have no job exparnice on sl i wish i could but i cant. i have had some training in bing a hostess. i will do all most any job. and always ready to learn if i do not know. i have been on sl for 6 months with my main avi (this one is my alt for jobs).i am ok to work of tips. i am a nice fun person to be around. i would pefer jobs that i can work on tuesday and thurdays between 6pm-12am and fridys between 10pm-2am but willing to try at diffent times if i can. also im welling to work with kids as well and i am great with them (if ur looking for a sitter) pls contact dannie may (SAGEofTHEsixPATHS) or try sanna beachouse (lord4571) if dannie isnt on or responing when trying to contact me im on between 3pm-12am weekdays again thank you for reading this
  7. hi im Dannie may and im looking for a job. ive only worked as a host and for a short time, but im up for almost any job as long as ur willing to train me. I can work at 11pm-3am slt time Thursdays and Fridays. pls im me or send me a notecard and thx for reading
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