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  1. I've been on an exploration kick lately, and Dr Babcock's post about historic places reminded me of this tavern in the Kahruvel forest I found while following the Salazar Jack/Osprey Therian mythology. It's cosy, there's no lag, the view is nice, and there are a couple of campfire circle/picnic areas outside. How many people are you expecting, Xiola? I'm not the most well-traveled resident, but I'd be happy to dig through my landmarks for something bigger/smaller/busier/etc. (Disclaimer: I couldn't tell from the other replies if you have to own the place you're plugging here, but if so, I don't own the tavern, and I apologize.)
  2. Not sure if I should say anything (policy isn't clear), but everyone seems anxious for more info, so... I don't know if it's helpful, but: Bug #4644 was reported on Dec 4, 2013. Priority was changed to Minor, status was changed from Awaiting Review to Been Triaged to Accepted, and Resolution was changed from none to Triaged to Accepted by CommerceTeam Linden on Dec 11, 2013. Disclaimer: I don't know if that means it's being worked on or not. As of January 13, 2014, it has 14 duplicates. I'll try to remember to update this post if stuff changes.
  3. Wow, how about that! Good to know it's being worked on, I saw VWR-28039 which looks exactly like what's happening to me, but it hadn't been updated since Jan 2012 so I wasn't too stoked about it getting fixed. Go dev team!:matte-motes-smile: (I was gonna say something else here, maybe later.) My workaround was to switch to Flickr. I need to remember to put a link in my profile.
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