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  1. Personally I like both. I started off using IMVU and found it easier to use in my opinion. Granted, you can't walk or fly, but I feel like the avatars are better looking and creating and saving an outfit is less of a hassel. While it's not a lot of work, remembering to throw on a shoe base, or an Alpha is a bit of a nuicense to remember. Rather than renting or buying land, I can buy a room and use it however I like wether it be used as a home, club, cafe, or nature scene. Nevertheless I do love the security level on SL, automatically booting someone without a tag it's been very handy. I've noticed more teens and preteens on IMVU vs SL. However one thing I do love about IMVU way more than SL is the age verification, if order to join the 18+ chat rooms you have to be age verified, which requires payment. Whereas on here I suppose anyone can say they're over 18 and join a mature room. IMVU (in my opinion) is straight to the point when it comes to creating, building, and designing, but again I can't walk freely, fly, or privately chat while in a public room like I can on SL. Both are great in their own ways, just depends on who's using it.
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