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  1. Lofts at The Moon Kingdom: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ZI%20Mystic%20Moonlight/53/48/21 We have several gorgeous, pre-furnished lofts for rent. Our sim is very quiet and low-lag. You can choose 75L/wk for 5 prims or 100L/wk for 10 prims. Each rental comes with the free gift of a full perm, mesh, fancy picture frame so that you can start making your loft your home right away! Renting a small loft for a low price gives you a great place to land, change, bring your friends, and unpack your things. Plus, our ground floor contains a shopping area, garden, and an onsen, all wonderful places to unwind. Send a NC to Naru Bellflower entitled "TMK Rent Request - (Your Username)" to get started, and we'll get you set up with your loft! Check out the gorgeous rooms we offer under the spoiler tag. We have multiple rooms, each themed after one of the solar system's planets. Half are dark, half are light. All of them are exquisite. Pictured below are the Moon and Earth rooms. Hope to see you around the Kingdom!
  2. Just wondering what section to put it in. I've seen similar posts in the section for Mainland, but we aren't mainland.
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