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  1. Lovelace Ladies Lounge is hiring female DJ's NOW!!! Lovelace Ladies Lounge is a dance club where only female AVI's are allowed. Its a lesbian club welcoming transgendered women and the girls who love them. Lesbian, straight, bisexual, transexual, herm, shemale, sissies, fembois, Neko, Furries, etc--all are welcome: NO MALE AVI's, and NO CHILD AVI's--NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! Also- no biting, no weapons. NUDITY IS ALLOWED EVERYWHERE ON THE SIM! We have tons of fun here, so no griefing, no drama! Must be fun and easygoing, like everyone here! We also have an extensive castle full of rooms and dungeons for a wide variety of roleplaying scenarios and various aspects of BDSM-- there is something for everyone here! And this isn't a grungy back alley place; its a classy club. We also have a mall area with great shops, plus an estate with houses and apartments for rent in a beautiful and loving community. --------- DJ's ---------- - must be 18 years or older in RL - must be 30 days or older in SL - must have your own stream - must be fun and easygoing, and DRAMA FREE! - we are hiring for various 2 hour shifts, usually starting ay 3pm SLT - we welcome all genres of music (the majority of our patrons love classic rock and more recent rock and pop as well, but I'd also like to see some DJ's devoted to dance music for at least a shift or two each week; house, trance, dub, etc etc). - you keep 100% of your tips (and as a hostess here I think our patrons generally tip well). - management gurantees AT LEAST 500L per shift (and this DOES NOT including the tips you get from management). --------------------------------------------------------- If you are interested in the position, you may contact me by responding to this forum... or BETTER yet, IM me in world, and I will give you a tour of all our properties, introduce you to the entire Lovelace family, and set up an intereview with our Matriarch, Miss Chrissy Lovelace (Chrissytrans). Thanks so much for your interest! Can't wait to meet you! Love- Đεℓια Łøνєℓαcє (Deleuzeian)
  2. If youve ever shopped at Lola or Danika then youve seen my style, as those are my two favorite stores thus far. Sexy party clothes for older teens and young twenty somethings, I suppose. If you know of places selling similar clothes in mesh that would be awesome. So, can regular old non mesh avis wear mesh clothing? I have searched for mesh avatars on the marketplace. I searched before posting here originally. The thing is, of the avis which interest me (18-22yo females), very few if any have the word mesh in the name or anywhere in the description. Those which do, like the one I will link below, have only one or two items which say mesh. (The one im linking, for instance, has mesh breast appliers, but no other part of it, including the name of the item, says anytbing about mesh.) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WoW-Skins-Nadia-complete-avatar-With-Lolas-Tango-Applier/3891954 If everything which comes up in the "mesh avatar" search is indeed mesh, that means there are many out there which dont in any way advertise their mesh-ness. How, then, is one to k ow whether or not sumfin is mesh before purchasing it? --Delia
  3. OK. I need mesh stuffs. Do skins and shapes come in mesh, or is it only clothing? If skins and shapes do come in mesh, where do you get them? For that matter, where do you get mesh clothings? I have searched and shopped tons. I have never come across anything in world that says mesh. And in the marketplace I've come across clothes only, but not many, and not my styles. Please help and enlighten me about mesh stuffs so I can update my avi and be taken seriously by those who put much stock in such things. -Delia
  4. I need a job! I am extremely outgoing, with great people skills. I am a much better RP'er than my age suggests, having for one thing, spent some time on SL a few years back with another AVI, and for another, having grown up RP'ing through numerous mediums. I love music and dancing. My ideal job would be hosting or dancing at a club specializing in dubstep or other electronica. I've listened to it all my life. I am old school-- for instance, I own every Chemical Brothers CD. ^.^ Eventually I wanna learn to DJ on SL, but first im just trying to make friends in the club scene and get some extra lindens while having hella fun. --Delia
  5. Wish the age requirement didnt exist for hosts I spent time on SL a few years back; plus this time, I've truly about 5 mos. experience. I love dubstep. I love dancing. I'm very outgoing- life of the party, extreme flirt, awesome RP'er. Hopefully I'll meet some of you in the club, I'm going there in a few moments. I need a job but also looking for the good music venues on SL. -Delia
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