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  1. Looking to hire Article Writers, with or without SL experiences. Please send a resume with article rates and whatever you wish us to know. This is for an upcoming online magazine publication in SL for Home and Garden. Send a notecard with all the information asked above to Marbox Resident. Thank you.
  2. Flair Modeling Institute will soon open its doors to fashion designers. Flair Modeling Institute is a free fashion and modeling school in the grid with dedicated models in training and professional instructors. We are looking for fashion brands that can have their satellite stores in the School's Main land. BENEFITS: 1. We have a dedicated marketing and promotions staff that will help you and your brand to get the right promotions for your designs. 2. Your designs will be showcased by our students on their final graduation runway show without extra fees. 3. You can have our model students to pose for your designs for free. Contact Marbox Resident for Rates.
  3. If you own a business may it be a high life residential to shopping and stores and you're looking for someone who is experienced in decorating and designing your land, you don't have to look further. I am an experienced inworld landscaper, designer and decorator for stores, malls, residentials, high life themed rentals and other themed events. As I am building my portfolio again, I am willing to design and decorate your land for you for FREE! IM me inworld Marbox Resident
  4. Do you need custom mesh logo for your business? Starting from L$500 you can have the picture of your logo turn into a MESH! **prices may vary depending on the complexity of the design of the logo** Business Kit Package: L$500 1 FULL PERM MESH LOGO 1 FULL PERM PNG MESH LOGO DESIGN (Taken from the original design) 1 FULL PERM AMBIENT OCCLUSION MAP L$500 Logo Examples:    To Inquire: SEND MARBOX RESIDENT A NOTECARD WITH THE FOLLOWING INFO: 1. Rename the notecard (Mesh Logo - You Business Name - Inquire) 2. Drag in your Full perm Logo design 3. Name of the Business: 4. Contact Person: I will be deciding how much your logo will cost. It will depend on how hard, how much time and effort I will be doing to give you an excellent mesh logo. To Get your own Logo: SEND MARBOX RESIDENT A NOTECARD WITH THE FOLLOWING INFO: **if you think that your logo design is simple and less effects going on** 1. Rename the notecard (Mesh Logo - You Business Name) 2. Drag in your Full perm Logo design 3. Name of the Business: 4. Font/s you used for the fonts of your logo: 5. Business Landmark: 6. Contact Person: I will still be deciding if your logo is simple enough. You will have to wait for a reply and agreement for the both of us. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Services Offered: 1. Commercial Logo Design - L$1000 - L$5000 -1 Full perm Logo Design (PNG) -1 Full perm Logo Design (PSD) -Full perm rights to the owner 2. Mesh Logo Design (Platinum Business Package) - L$3500 - L$5000 -1 Full perm MESH Logo -1 Full perm MESH Logo (.DAE, .OBJ) -1 Full Perm Logo Design (PNG and PSD - from your original logo design) -Full Perm Maps (AO, UV) --Full perm rights to the owner
  5. Good day, I am Marbox Resident and I am an experienced fashion store manager. I am looking for a job that would best fit my experiences and skills. I am also a professional model and a professional photographer and I am looking for a general manager position for a fashion store (General and Matured contents only) may it be a well established brand or starting, I can help you grow your sales and traffic to your inworld store. With all my experiences and skills, unfortunately, I don't accept jobs that are commission based. Also, I don't manage club-mall type businesses. QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS: 1. Blogger ( I can also make a blog for you and promote your products) 2. Professional Photographer 3. Professional Model 4. Certified Social Media Marketer 5. Experienced in Event Management 6. Experienced in Store Management Please reply to this thread or you can send me a notecard inworld if you need my full resume. Thank you so much Marbox Resident
  6. Good day, I am Marbox Resident and I am looking for a stable job inworld as a Marketing Manager for fashion brands. I have more than enough experience in this field for top fashion brands and events and I am here to help you increase your sales and organize events and sales for you. Complete Resume by request. Thank you, you can contact me inworld or reply to this post and i will contact you inworld with my resume. Marbox Resident
  7. Good day, I am Marbox Resident and I am a Certified Social Media and In-world Advertising expert with experiences as marketing manager for top Fashion Brands like Zanze, Pizzazz, and Mesh Avenue Monthly Event. •Qualifications: 1. Member of 40+ Social Media fashion groups. 2. Member of 10+ Inworld Fashion related advertisement groups with Notice rights. 3. Member of 20+ Flickr fashion related advertisement groups. Thank you so much, If you are interested you can contact me inworld or email me at marboxfirehawk04@gmail.com Marbox Resident
  8. Acquire Modeling School is now open for enrollment! AVAIL OUR OPENING DISCOUNT FOR L$3000 ONLY! Acquire Models Modeling is one of the CHEAPEST modeling school in the grid and yet will not deprive you from learning. Why pay more than what you can get right? No more spending L$5000, L$10,000, L$15,000 for Modeling Schools. ACQUIRE MODELS | Modeling School courses are designed to help and guide aspiring Models to pursue their career. We have the right tool to mold you and your career. We are here to guide you from walking down the runway to everything you need to know to get started in the fashion industry. Our course is for both female and male, taught by experienced SL Professional Models. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ENROLL NOW (Click this Link) AVAIL OUR OPENING DISCOUNT FOR L$3000 ONLY! CLASSES WILL START ON JULY 11, 2016, 5 MORE SLOTS OPEN. HURRY UP! :)
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