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  1. Yes I can fly in other places, and yes the fly button is grayed out... "It's not easy to set hot-keys by accident. I'm guessing that the home key is the fly." I don't know how to set hot-keys, nor do i know what the home key is... I have flown on this sim before the flight was turned off... but now, like two, or three, of those in the group with 'always allow fly' option on, can fly, at least two of us cannot, i'm not certain about the last person in the group...
  2. I'm set as a mod to a land group with the ability to 'always allow 'fly' ' clicked, and yet even while wearing the tag with this permission, I'm unable to do so... Another in the same group can fly... I'm also listed as an estate manager, but was told that didn't matter when it came to flying... Help please! what am I missing? Running Firestorm
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