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  1. i have two 50 linden gift cards for a store Devious and they are not working. How do i get them to?
  2. i was tipped 50 linden on tuesday by Arianna Drago and never got the linden what happened? i danced at her club called pandora's box. in the local chat tuesday it said that ZZNavi23 was tipped 50 linden. the tip went to the tip jar called **bleep** jar witch was sopose to come to me the other dancer recieved her tip of 50 linden i just didn't. i told the club owner and she doesn't have the linden it was subtracted from her account. that is who arianna is the owner. i see what u are saying but she said she tipped both of us i wounder why i was the only person not paid. both of her jars worked b4 i danced on the pole with that tip jar, she said this has never happrned b4. i guess i just lost my tips then. i sing at my friends simand i always get my tips. i almot forgot some weird erra message poped up when she logged me off the pole and again she said that has never happend b4.
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