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  1. i bought a club. i was wondering where i could be able to open it up n find girls. IF anybody knows where please let me know.
  2. I need somewhere where I can open my club. nothing to fancy just a nice quiet spot . where I can open a club
  3. okay so. I purchased a strip club from market placed. I rezed the object n now the poles, when I click dance my avi just sits on the pole. I clicked on the pole n clicked open n the dances showed up. I clicked one n a little window popped up with the options to dance local or something else. n I started dancing but not on the pole.. how do I get to put the dances onto the poles. and once I purchase the land. how do I get to make a group, n add tip jars .n do all the pop up messages when people come in as other clubs as in a landmark. n join group n etc. n I wana make groups for my dancers n etc. ..please help me
  4. i just want different music for my home. any good suggestions where i can get a link. for some reggae or hip hop n r&b
  5. http://gyazo.com/77efe079750a056da96d3a8b883ac042 is how my camera view is on the regular sl viewer . its move over head full body n when i walk it stays in place firestorm on the other hand is under her butt not positioning up. when i fix it with the controll settings it just moves back under when she walks. i really liked firestorm but i will have to uninstall if i cant get the camera settings fixed. http://gyazo.com/723352a8ab352b989f4229666b6850d6
  6. so if u seen my other post about me wanting to open a strip club. my newest question is whats a good company or a good land seller i can go to. im gonna buy the club n the furni n etc. i just need good land. somewhere not to big. possably that looks like a club frontt . with doors n etc. not just a big open space. like if the cluub was on a street corner n etc. i just want a realistic club. or who could i get to build me a club? any info? please i need some names n help asap. ty :) ♥♥
  7. i was told that i had to buy a sim or rent a commercial land to own a club? its sort of confusing ...idk lol all i want to know is. do i have to buy a furnished club n put it on land? orrrr do i have to build it from scratch? so i need a full sim or a piece ? where do i get furni? n etc. everything else i can handle on my own. i just need a location. and i want a club with like a outside. front doors n etc. not just a big open piece n poles n chairs.
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