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  1. Hello! I am in need a of some awesome custom mesh creators! Recommendations?
  2. Hello! I am looking for someone willing to script something along the lines of the Harry Potter's game called Quidditch! I hope you are firmiliar with it. I will be using it for my OWN personal use and it will not be sold to anyone! Thanks again! Please contact me here or send me a notecard inworld. roadrunners12
  3. Hello I was wondering if anyone has 2 sims able to rent from Jan 19th to Feb 9th, the sims need to be together my daughters alt is preparing for Camp Hardknock Winter 2014 and is need of two sims with a sim crossing. Thanks! im inworld at roadrunners12! A notecard is best!NO STANDALONE SIMS!
  4. Do you guys have two connected sims or are they stand alones?
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