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  1. There's this ancient software called Aiko 3. I have no idea what it is honestly. Well I saw this character: click here  I was wondering, if anyone could legit make a mesh head near identical to that image with different skin tones and makeups, as well as a price quote. Thank you
  2. I searched up chat relay and that seems to be what it was! Thank you so very much
  3. I can't seem to find the object name or the creator when I right click Object details from local chat. Basically its an object somewhere that makes it so local chat can be read no matter how far away you are in distance/chat range. It even displays the persons name. The color of text is yellow. Please help, thanks!
  4. The blogger didn't mention in their post >_> http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-J-HbjpbTlLM/U0PpC5fFkUI/AAAAAAAACHs/xru0lba2zX4/s1600/Snapshot_103.jpg Thank you
  5. The L$ is mostly for uploading your own things before wasting real money. To see if it looks okay in game. It would suck if you paid money to upload a mesh model only for it to look wonky or needing tweaks. The money is really for just updating purposes.
  6. I used to play the teen grid back in 2007-2008 and I wanted to know if this landmark still exists. I can't remember the name. It was a extremely popular place for furries but human players visited too for its popularity. They gave out a free gadget that you attach to your upper arm that had many functions. it could shoot you up in the sky and Rez a dome. It had the option to put text above your head (back then that was popular) Usually the text said name, orientation, gender, breed etc. it had a ton of other useful features that I can't remember but almost everyone had the gadget from that landmark. Hope this post isn't in the wrong section. Does anyone remember this place and if a free gadget like that still exists? Thank you.
  7. Every time I try, it says Login failed, username or PW not correct. But it is correct because I logged in the regular grid just fine. Please help thanks
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