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    I get messages that pop up on the right side of my screen at the top...I can't find a history of them and so when I delete them they seem to be gone forever. Any way to recover them?....sometimes I have enough that one of the messages says messages capped...another mystery but not so important as recovering messages accidently deleted.
  2. Trying to determine when the busiest times of the week are so I can maximize use of ad dollars. Does linden publish user data and if so where do I find it?
  3. I want to create picks for my profile. The latest viewer doen't have a plus sign on the picks screen. No explanation given about what to do. Using latest 2nd life viewer. The answer I got was about profile pic's. I am referring to the picks section of the profile. I found answer in the forum so no need to answer...thanks for trying
  4. Tchotchke

    about land menu

    I want to let a friend do some terraforming on my land. When I click about land, options, I do not have the option to allow others to terraform. I own the whole island so do not understand. Is this a bug or did I not check something correctly?
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