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  1. Hello, thank you again for your answers So yes we maybe change the term divorce to "Dissolution of SL Partnership", or unpartenered or something like that, because it seems very complicated to find someone who's really divroced on Sl ( but yes we maybe found a person who has been married in sl ( not a role play ) and then divorced). We didn't want to create a debate about the divroce but thank you very much for all these reflections that will advance our research. So to be clear, we only need to find someone who has been in a relationship (married or not) on sl but it could be better if it was with real feelings to share with us his experiment, his feeling, his break-up, etc.
  2. Hello , thank you for these few answers. To clarify, we are two behind the avatar, we do our research together. We are at the Catholic University of Louvain- La-Neuve in Belgium (sector: Humans Sciences) and we study this in the context of our university seminar third year. We have already made some observations on Second Life, but to open all the doors of the information we are also trying to find on the forums. Our study is expected to last throughout the year. Our topic focuses on divorces taking place in Seconf Life. That is to say, people who have been married in the game but have finished divorced in games (at the base we aren’t interested in real life, but only in life in Second Life) . No importance for the duration of their marriage or the name, or if they are still single or relationship in Second Life. Our concerns about divorces in Second Life, why , how is this happening ? .... In our study , we need to find people (to do interviews ) or places (eg law firms if it happens like in real life). In short, our research question is " In virtual worlds such as Second Life , what are the reasons for a divorce between two avatars and what is the impact on the individual ? "
  3. Buenos dias, soy estudiante en ciencias humanas y sociales en Belgica y debo realizar un estudio sobre el divorcio en SL. Alguien podria ayudarme (alguien que sepa algo del tema o que esté divorciado en el juego)? Gracias, Saludos Sophienauge
  4. Hello, I'm a student in humans sciences and I'm doing a study about Sl. I'm looking for people who are divorced on Sl. any one can help me ?
  5. Bonjour, je suis en étudiante en Sciences humaines en Belgique. je fais actuellement une étude sur le jeux de second life. Celle-ci concerne les divorces dans SL. Quelqu'un pourrait m'aider ? Je recherche donc des personnes divorcés dans le jeux, ou du moins quelqu'un qui pourrait m'aider à savoir comment se passe les divorces dans Sl. Merci d'avance Sophienuage
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