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  1. Well Vivienne - let's hope that they aren't fired - then we *really* will be up a creek without a paddle - I HAVE NOTICED THIS PROBLEM for A long time I think the first blank item in my listings happened like in august of LAST YEAR... I have tried everything to get them removed - If the web team can get all those blank items off my merchant account listing. - OMG I will send them virtual hugs, kisses, and sugar!
  2. It's important to me that I can find out what my anniversary date is.. I know it seems silly to most but it is very important to me... does anyone know how to find this out
  3. the items are the black neko and the halloween pasties as this is halloweedn today time is of the essence ples put once set in my inventy and credit my accout for the other set THANK YOU
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