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  1. I have looked, and looked, and looked, and I have had the same results every single time. I am a humble female anthropomorphic dragon looking for a kidnap role play group or sim to my liking. I'm not looking for some furry nightclub, I'm not looking for some mythical fantasy land or anything cartoonish. I'm looking for urban kidnap role play, like Dead End City or DARK ALLEY. However, every single sim I go to like that says the same thing; NO FURRIES ALLOWED. I don't even consider myself to be a straight up furry. I mean, just because they want to be realistic, the only way I can go to the places I want to a part of is if I use a human avatar. And that's not me. I joined Second Life so I could be who I want to be instead of what others want me to be. I could care less what everyone wants me to be. In real life, I'm a normal person, but in Second Life, I want to be that same person in anthro form. Nothin wrong with that, and I should have that freedom, as should everyone else. So I must ask. Is there any sim like that out there that i could join? Because I'm really into home invasion role play, kidnap role play, but not completely into anything sexual. Just someone to take me hostage or hold me as their captive, and allow me to struggle all I want. And I want a place with an urban feel. If you are here to say that I am weird, that I am wrong, or just to criticize and ridicule me, you're better off not saying anything at all. I am beyond frustrated, and I refuse to be an outcast just because I'm different.
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