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  1. Yeah, I use my own settings with RenderAutoHideSurfaceAreaLimit by tweaking in the debug menu. I set my own preferences in the Quick Preferences from my viewer. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+9 also do the trick. I have no problem with crashers, it is taking the screenshot of it for the report I can not do unless I do not highlight it.
  2. Well, the founder of the place told me to give him more time and one day he will give up, that he just need to bring all his old account here so we will ban them all until he runs out. He increased the age detector to 7 days. I just hope he is right. Just the fact that this guy got so many old accounts is pretty insane. I guess it is not the first time he do it.
  3. Easier said than done. When reporting a user or a content, it is better to also have a screenshot of it displayed on-screen for the report. Simply highlighting those crashers to report one of them is enough to crash my graphic driver every time. I do not see how this case is surprising, I do not like that one bit but sometimes you have to negotiate with the person in the hope to make them change their mind, knowing what they want and find a way to make them stop. I did not answer anything else beside blocking him, but just the fact that I can see what he is telling me is enough to piss me off. The instant I am about to block him, I can not really ignore what is popping-up in my screen region. Lifting bans is in general, but not for this guy. I put him on a blacklist for whenever our list is full, he will be skipped for the clean-up. Scripts are useless, especially in an extremely large region like this one, lags are something very common here, even the age detector can miss a few users who slip away because of it and high range sensors create even more lags, we have enough lags to deal as it is since even the about land sometimes refuse to load the object list on time just to tell you how laggy the place is. I could leave and have peace and everyone else too, yeah.. But nobody is in agreement with my thoughts. Saying they do not want me to let him "win" like that.
  4. Yes, on some of his accounts which were directly targeting me, I did. I believe his accounts are still up and running.
  5. Greetings! Here I have one of a case to explain and I am starting to lose it. Sorry for the wall of text, really. I am a security manager for an adult sandbox. I ban whoever do not behave properly or do not follow our rules inside of our parcel. I fill-up and give them a ban notice concerning their actions in case it is a mistake with the reason why they have been banned. Some users can be tricked with fake packages for instance and end-up banned because of it so this is a method I find pretty friendly for everyone. In November 21, 2015 I banned a user for counter-attacking another user for apparently getting into a conflict. The banned user contacted me back about it and told me why he did it so I explained to him that counter-attacking another user who piss them off is not the solution and that it only creates more problem for them both and that if there is a problem, they have to talk to me or another security manager on sight to solve the problem, or block the user if necessary. I decided the forgive the user and lifted the ban. In February the user was spotted around with some of their friends. Their behavior were a bit excessive and this is in February 22, 2016 that the user griefed the sandbox once again. Contacting me directly that they rezzed their object by mistake, I discussed about that to another security manager who apparently warned them of their behavior and that they were close to ban them. So because of that, I decided not to take their mistake lightly. Somewhere around March 2016, the user started attacking the place repeatedly with alternative accounts using crashers and other type of things, objects messaging me via LLInstantMessage. I decided to change the parcel privacy because some of their alternative accounts were wearing crashers on their avatar. Then we set an age detector to send anyone with account registration date younger than 3 days old to be teleported to their home assigned area. The problem was solved temporarily, until then I started to notice that one of the alternative accounts had the name of the main account I banned. I am used to click on pictures displayed on anyone's profile to see if they are dumb enough to use a picture uploaded on a main account, like the case for this guy. This is when I realized that it was all just a grudge. I started messaging this guy and telling him to quit this little game and in the hope to give some sense into him to stop doing that, but he gave me a statement that he was not about to give up. A few weeks later, the guy was found in our public group. Somehow, I did not had the ability to ban him from the group until the founder fix it up, but I could mute his text after he randomly started insulting me out of the blue. So far I believe I have banned 22 accounts since today when he started griefing the place. He contacted me directly with more insults, messed with my profile picture, writing rude things, drawling things on it, he is giving griefing tools to everyone in the parcel, sharing these screenshots with them to try and humiliate me, he even abused an emergency button whenever nobody is around on time to be notified, typing things like he would kill my dog and things like that. At this point, I have enough... I feel like the sandbox would be better without me, he got nothing better to do than making new accounts. He half of his 22 accounts are from 2008 and in one of his latest direct messages, he told me I had a mental disorder which clearly he is the lunatic for making so many accounts. So here you go, I have no idea what else to do beside leaving everyone behind just because of this brat. But everyone disagree with me since I always did a wonderful job over the years, giving so many detailed information, forgiving some banned users to also clear up the ban list because 300 is not much for a sandbox. I have always gave so much of my time to be helpful with everyone, and now I just feel like leaving because I reported this guy on every accounts he had and so far, nothing happened. I even took a long break, it was not as bad until I come back. I feel like I am being stalked. So I am literally losing hope here. I am out of ideas beside blocking him and banning him continuously. And I can take just so little of his insults, I am not good at keeping my cool with trolls.
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