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  1. Thank you for these ideas. Turns out the select only my objects selection wasn't helping for my lost curtain but here I am with more skills than I had before, thanks to your help. Can you tell me more about Wireframe View? I tried ControlShiftR but wasn't sure I was seeing anything different, perhaps that only works when something else has been activated first?)
  2. Thank you so much for all this! My friend gave me the idea for Area Search which solved my problem before I could dive into your ideas here, but still, I'm very grateful for these tips, I know I'll be using them soon anyway. (especially the alternative camera control options, quite nice)
  3. subject line says it all...I thought I was being careful to keep the curtain inside the room and not in the window, but I guess I goofed. I can't touch it from inside the room, and not from outside the house either. Thanks to anyone who offers help. ~Kat [EDIT] I see the first answer and can't find a way to reply, so I choose this edit to expand the conversation. The house is the free one I got for getting a paid account, and I don't believe I have edit rights to the structiure. So I can't try the first responder's ideas. I got here when I was trying to find Second Life admins to help...perhaps I need to keep looking for a way to find an admin directly. I appreciate all who respond to me here! [SECOND EDIT] Many thanks to both my early responders Rolig Loon and Innula Zenovka! I learned a lot about working with my environment. As it happens I got the best solution from another friend and I will put it here for anyone else to find. Under the World tab find Area Search. Here you can search for items by name or any other parameter that helps you single it out, once found you can select edit and you can move it back out where you can reach it. Very easy!
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