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  1. What is the max vertices you can have on a single mesh when uploading
  2. How much did the Price of L go Down?
  3. Is there a Way i can find how much L used to be Because ive noticed they have Dropped the L Prices alot and id like to know how much L was Like 3 months ago kinda hard to change store prices to the same Price they were now that the Price of L has Changed
  4. When i upload a sound i get this error File does not appear to be a supported sample rate (must be 44.1k): i havent had this problem befor i am uloading it as a .wav 16-bit PCM Any idea what im doing wrong?
  5. I try to make an animtion from blender and put it in sl and i get this error Unable to read animation file Incorrect root joint name, use "hip" Im using The avatar-workbench-271 File I Got Witch Is the Defalt Human Mesh Build Does Any One Know How I Fix This Error? Or Is There A File That People Use In Blender For Animating Sl Avatars That I Dont Know About And i Uploaded It As A BVH File So Thats Not The Issue
  6. Would I Get In Trouble For Copyright If I Sold a Guitar I Made With Full Songs From Youtube In It?
  7. Im Trying To Find A Name Not On Search Because i updated one of my products and i have to give it to everyone who bought it and some people take there name off the search how would i send out an update to this perticular person on mp without useing the search in world Also has secondlife Put in a faster way to find certain products Bought and all the names in 1 list instead of going threw a million pages looking for each one cause this would be the greatest addon ever for mp
  8. Is there a Workbench Blend File For Animations For The Basic Secondlife Avatar Cause i have the blend file for just the avatar but when i try making animations for that and upload it theres an error like somthings not named right and i have no idea what its talking about so is there a blend file for avastar or somthing i hear that works with animations or can someone tell me what im doing wrong with uploading the animation file from the bacic avatar in blender
  9. Any way to close all pop ups on your screen like animations fast? like just any kind of pop up textures notecards animations edit menu any button to close all of these at once besides going 1 by 1 to close them?
  10. What Is The Resolution On The Picks Tab On The Picture
  11. Is there a way to set up firestorm with diffrent settings on diffrent accounts without it affecting all accounts So i want to change 1 firestorm alt to low graphics and another account on ultra but it just changes the same when i relog
  12. Rlv is there a way to set to teleport your partner automaticly instead of manulally teleporting them through your IMs Cause i want my rlv slave collar thing to allow me to do that is there any way to do so? And i know when rlv is active you can teleport them and it puts them on you but is there a way to do it so if you teleport some were it force teleports them to me automaticly
  13. Any Way When You Upload To Make It Copy Only Automaticly instead of transfer cause its getting old having to go and change them all one by one to just copy or is there a way to do a mass select and change of propertys?
  14. Is there any way to sort things people have bought on your marketplace So i go on the Orders page on my marketplace and you can sort thru dates but can you sort thru a spicific object and only that object instead of going thru 50 pages looking for them individually searching thru all of your objects id just like to find 1 object and all the people that bought that 1 object
  15. So Are Market sales thru LL like does Selling your L to a market Sale does LL do That For you or do people Im you trying to buy your L cause some one with no payment info was just trying to do that to me i diddent do anything cause might have been a scammer and i know little of how market sales work. Also is it better to sell L on market sale or the straight to LL option i dont know the diffrence
  16. About Converting LL Us$ To Paypal From Selling L How Would I Get To The Correct Page Were I Can Use The US$ Thats Stuck In LL From Selling L From Market Cause I Cannot Find That Page And How Would I Do That Also Is There A Charge Converting L To Your Paypal or anything like that There Was A Charge For Selling L On Market Sale Is There Any Way To Make It Not Charge Money When You Sell L And Is It Allways $1
  17. So i used the Sell Linden Dollars (Market Sell) for the first time and im not exactally sure how it works i sold 2000 L it took it from my L and does the money automaticly go in to the credit card or to the bank or is there like a wait time till that happens and also im level 1 on selling L so does that mean i can do that every 24 hours or monthly it dosent really say whats what and how long would it take till im able to incresse that level 1 to a 2 or 3 or how many times would i have to sell 2000L each time befor LL lets me Level it up Also any information on how this whole thing works would be good cause theres no good descriptions on this i can find thx ^^.
  18. So recently i updated to firestorm and with the old firestorm viewer when u picked up an object off the ground from a sandbox it would go in to your inventory and snap to the location of were it went in to the inventory now it dosent do that makeing me have to go find this object in my large inventory and its really annoing is there any way to set this in the prefrences so that your object will show were u put it in your inventory automaticly without u having to go search thru a huge inventory can someone plz help with this cause it must be possible it was that way in the past firestorm veiwer
  19. So i updated firestorm and in the old firestorm u press snapshot button and there was a profile tab to save in profile in this new firestorm theres not or im not seeing it all i see is disk save at the bottom no tabs for anything elts can some one tell me how to find profile save for snapshots cause if the removed it thats just dumb
  20. Does The VMM Automaticly give the updated version of your product if you activate it? so i just started using the VMM so im new to it does it give the people that bought ur product the updated version or does it just stay there and u have to give it out individaly like normal
  21. So i made somthing in blender with phisics uploaded a copy before in to sl came out fine, phisics straight, im using the exact same phisics file and its rotated this is what it looks like http://gyazo.com/258108a90fc302efd21da660eaac9044 I also tried just 1 sqare and uploaded it as phisics it covered the whole object which it wasent in blender. http://gyazo.com/b161db14f4d9b6939afe1f94caf74355 im not sure what happend it was fine before not sure im using firestorm most updated version and its not only for that file i tryed uploading somthing elts same thing phisics file rotated mabye some one knows? or mabye i clicked somthing and diddent know
  22. ISGI

    Mesh Texture Issue

    Ive been having a problem when i upload my mesh and put a texture on it looks like in certain spots the texture is starting brand new texture in certain areas like this http://gyazo.com/2e2a98affea21518a4c0732292d6270c My Mesh Is 1 face im not sure how to fix this in blender can some one help or tell me what to look up cause i am stuck.
  23. i need the accuall landmark in my inventory is there any way to do that
  24. im trying to create a landmark to an event that i cant get in to how would i make a landmark to there without being there no sl url just the acuall landmark in my inventory
  25. Ive seen Links to peoples marketplaces In 2 letters like MP and its green and it takes you to there marketplace how would i be able to do this
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