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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a roleplay sim so I can meet some other roleplayers and get the hang of roleplay in SL. I'm a very picky person and am looking for a roleplay sim that 1. Is PG or PG-13ish in nature (nothing R rated) 2. Is a sci-fi/fantasy sim (I'm very strictly into the fantasy genre but don't generally like midevil themed fantasy worlds) 3. Is based mostly on combat (I'm more of an action type of person) By the way I'm new to SL and roleplaying so any tips on roleplaying in SL would be appreciated.
  2. I'm thinking the RPG will basically be about two completely different planets in a far away star system that are suddenly at war with each other. Players will be able to choose what world they want to be a part of. One planet I'm thinking will be a dystopian planet ruled by a democracy with little laws and lots of crime, while the other planet will be a utopian world that has been happily ruled by a monarchy for thousands of years and has a strict set of laws that are heavily enforced. The war begins when the president of the democratic world decides to attack the other world in order to spread the idea of democracy. I plan on playing the princess of the utopian world. If no one likes this idea I have some another idea that is somewhat similar.
  3. Hi, I've been coming up with some ideas for my own sci fi fantasy RPG in SL and would like to start a rpg group. However, I need some people who would be interested in joining. If you're interested in my RPG please reply or better yet add me on skype. My skype username is CrystalDreamer59.
  4. Okay I see it would cost a lot of $L for a costum avatar. Still I would like a unique avatar. I'll get to working on a sketch and post it on my Flickr and look for people inworld who would be willing to help me with a custom avatar. By the way I want a custom human avatar.
  5. I want a unique looking avatar so I'm wondering if I was to make a good detailed sketch of what I want my avatar to look like if someone who is good at making avatars would be willing to make it for me since I'm not good at making my own avatar, but am somewhat good at drawing.
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