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    1. I downloaded the SL Viewer - or I guess it download (I clicked on it anyway). Now what? Is there someplace to click "Run" or "Install" or anything ?? Your directions for things are very unclear. Your website says "To explore, communicate, and connect in Second Life, you'll need to download our 3D browsing software. . . . . " Does downloading Second Life Viewer join you up in Second Life??? A different option (other than downloading the viewer) is to "Join". So, if you have these 2 options (among others), I guess downloading the viewer does not join you in. 2. A numbered, step by step text sheet that one could view when first opening your website would be a wonder ! ! Often times, web designers forget that part. True, your web design is quite nice but so much of your attention is taken with design, that when you first want to join, you are immediately lost. Thats why you have posts after posts after posts and forums and forums and forums. Thank you for your attention.
  2. 1, According to "Quick Start" I should have initially opened at Welcome Island. I didn't. How do I get back to it. 2, My avatar is a kitty. When I initially created it, it walked on all fours, (which is what I want) When I visit another location, I cannot get it to walk on all fours. Why and how do I accomplish that. Thanks Thanks for your answer - however, I have no clue what you are talking about: What is an avatar's animation over-rider? What you describe in your second question sounds to me like an issue with the avatar's animation over-rider (AO). First, of course, check you're wearing it [check I'm wearing what? ?] and that it's turned on (sorry, but I always check the blindingly obvious things first, just in case). Assuming that's not it, then most AOs use a simple trick [ok, what is the simple trick?] (designed for the benefit of items like AOs that need to keep running whatever the parcel settings) [what is a parcel settings] to keep them running in no-script areas. [what is a no-script area?] However, for this trick to work, you need to be in an area where you can run scripts when first you attach it. Check this is the case by attaching the AO [where is the AO script ??] in a script enabled area (find a sandbox [ok, what is a sandbox?\ where you can run scripts, if necessary, or go to The College Of Scripting, [?????] where I know you run scripts). Once you've established it's working, try tping to a no-script area and see what happens. If it keeps running, you're OK. If not, you'll probably need to find another AO (anything based on the Zhao AO should be both OK, and there's plenty of free versions) and transfer your kitty animations over to it, but first I'd take up the matter with whoever {what are you talking about? No one sold me anything ] sold you the AO and ask them for their assistance.
  3. I have registered / I have user name / I have password - Yet every time I try to log in - I keep getting "Create Account". If I click "Continue" (since I already have account) keeps telling me Login Failed. Is there anywhere to get actual help? How do I get to "Account" to see this question? Thank you I must apologize - it appears I'm an idiot - I misspelled my own user name - that's why it wouldn't open. I'm sorry
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