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  1. Yes , i wana try Seccond life so i could start new life! I realy give my soul into it... even if it is not working...
  2. Please don't give up on me D: And it's not good , i dont know what to do , when you find out , please , tell me what to do! I need my seccond Life CHANCE! *Crying irl*
  3. I finelly found it out! When i press to open the game, the game open's But the problem is that : The game work's fine and everyting, but only the screen it look's like it's stuck... When i press to type in my username and password, when i begin writeing , it write's them without me see , i only see it only white. But then , when i press something for it to load a bit , it show's up and then i pressed start botton , it loaded the game , but the screen is still freeze , when i pressed something else again , the screen showed up that it load's and when it was done ........ the screen was black when i pressed something else again.... What's wrong with the view? D: the game work's fine!
  4. Ok wait , i will think of something... i might know the problem , but im not realy into this thing's , just a seccond wait
  5. ... bad new's... that's not working too! D:
  6. Ok thank's , i dont know what is that but i will try it :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  7. Is that a game or what? Cuz i dont understand what your talking about...
  8. Well i dont know , but i realy wanted to play this game long time ago , but i had the same problem as now , so i should try to get help from the site... I think i might never play this game :matte-motes-crying:
  9. Again to upload a image? D: Or play the game?
  10. I pressed and noting happened , it stayed like that... to press continue..
  11. I dont know how to stop shareing the screen with the TV D: i didnt made it like that
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