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  1. Hi Maximo, thank you so much for your explanation. However when I select COG and hit "i" it does not give me an option for "translation". Is this only an option in Avestar2? I switched back to the older version of Avesta since i did not have any issues there..
  2. Yes, I did upload as anim. Don't think i changed priority to 6 though, had it at 5, But I'll try.. Thank you much.. <3
  3. Like you see my post is quite old, No responses so far.. All i could do is go back in Avatar to the older version again..
  4. New strange thing.. All good in blender but after upload the animation just doesn't stay in 1 place... it moves at the root.. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. "Unable to read animation file". I get this message while uploading the BVH file. the rest of the message says Cannot get position values. I make my animations in blender. Has anyone else get this message and maybe figured it out how to fix it? Seems like it's something that happened with avatar 2
  6. Having the same issue.. and obviously we are uploading in BVH file.. this error is something new.. Never had this problem before..
  7. Hello everyone. I hope that somoene can help me find a floating script for a beach ball on the water.. Regards to all, AstraGenesis
  8. Thank you.. Appreciate your answer.. I didnt know where to ask.. Thought scripting location would be appropriate..
  9. I made some beach balls and would love them to float in the pool. I was unsucessfully looking for a script to make that happen. Does anyone know where I can find one? I have a slow rotation script, but not move freely.. To bounce off another prim would be sumblime. Pls help :)
  10. Astra and Auryionn inviting you, your loved one and your friends for a romantic dance at Saints & Sinners. One of the hottest new addition to SL dance clubs. Come and see for yourself. Your limo to Saints & Sinners
  11. If you are on your own land then perhaps there is some kind of surface there already (ground cover, rug etc.. ) .. If it's mesh then it's unikely that you can rezz a new build on top of it.. Make sure you rez it on clean ground
  12. This sounds like local texture.. Did you actually pay for it or used the local texture add on?
  13. Awww.. Kira.. as harsh as Pixie was i'm afraid she is right though.. it wont work.. Look at youtube tutorials, there is designer schools in SL. You can learn making prims, as well as mesh and texturing.. As long as you have a passion for it. you will make it.. good luck
  14. Be a pert of something unique... Saints&Sinners is looking for DJ's .. keep 100% of tips.. Saints&Sinners 
  15. Mark your date tomorrow at 12PM SL time.. Saints@SInners will kick of with a hot party with great DJ MAMS.. Dress casual to formal.. Saints&Sinners 
  16. Not a computer geek here but i've had the same issue recently .. After some reasearch i've purchased MacBook Pro (retina,15- inch) Processor 2.5 GHz Intel Core 7i I'm extremely happy with it... I do graphics and photography on SL, Able to take pictures higher then 6000px now with graphics turned up through the roof.. no lag no problems, easy peasy..
  17. Can anyone help me with the huds. I;ve made some appliers for Sink and Maytreya but the prim needs to be take out of the inventory to work.. when i try to wear it.. it atteches to me, i cant wear it as a HUD.. what am I doing wrong?
  18. I've created some nails for my Maitreya body, i think i've followed the instructions from Maitreya and omega separate.. created hud, NC but it doesnt work. Does anyone know of any thred or tutorial? I'm clearly doing somethig wrong.
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