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  1. OOPS totally posted this to the wrong forum.
  2. I have NO IDEA how much these things should cost. I make about 2500L a week, and I know that's not enough to buy anything mroe than a small parcel, but I think that gives perspective of how much I'm looking to spend. I'm thinking I want a 1/4 sim...how muchy might these cost?
  3. Hi! I'm looking for a quadruped/feral animal roleplay. I prefer non-modern settings, but modern would be fine. I have these avatars...all listed are quadruped: Cat, dog/wolf, lion cub, leopard, horses/unicorns, and...I think that's it :P If anyone knows of any, reply here or shoot me an IM in-world! :)
  4. Alright, that helped a lot. Now I'm having a problem where the animation in SL isn't what I tell it to do in Blender. Every time, it doesn't matter how I actually animate it, I have the same result: a front leg (arm) going forward and a back leg going back, when I didn't tell it to do that at all.
  5. Alright, so I'm making a quadruped avatar. I've got the mesh and everythign all fixed up with a single, static aniamtion to get the arms out of airplane mode. I have been creating a walking animation as well. However, with the walking animation, one arm sticks out in airplane mode, btu the other doesn't. In Blender, I don't have one arm sticking out, so I don't think it's a problem in Blender? I have no idea. So, to clarify: Quadruped avatar Just one arm sticks out in airplane mode when animated. There's a few things that would be really helpful here. Some tutorial or something as to how t
  6. So, I own a parcel, and sometimes on some random object, if I log off, it disappears. But not for other people. Just for me. And I still collide with it. I can't select it and highligting transparent objects does nothing. However, when I gave someone rights to my objects, sometimes when they'd move it, it would appear. Othertimes not. What's the problem, and I need a solution. This parcel is a public parcel where other people use it, not my private home. I really appreciate any help anyone can give me!
  7. Okay, so any random time after login, my computer freezes. The longest I've gone without it freezing is about an hour. I DO have a Nvidia driver, GeeForce 7300 GT, I've got a quad core so it's not a memory or CPU problem. My system is Win7 64-bit I KNOW it's a graphics problem because when I used to use two monitors, it would freeze nearly immediately after logging in. Now, it can take up to an hour with only one monitor plugged in. Also, I've had problems with my graphics in the past. What I'm looking for are solutions you can't find when you google the issue, because I've tried them al
  8. Addition: Is it possible I'm naming the right bones, left? Like mRightKnee is on the wrong side? I've been naming it facing the back of the mesh and putting the left side on the left, as if I were looking from the mesh's perspective.
  9. So, I created these boots in Blender. I don't use Avastar, and that's not an option. Here's an image of my rigging and the boots together: And here's what happens when I upload it: So, not only do I have pieces of the mesh "fall off" and sit down at the feet of the shoes, but my mesh also gets distorted. I've had this happen before, so I know that it would also distort my avatar. I don't have the option "Include Joint Positions" as well. I use Firestorm. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Well you see, I was teaching myself this, without much help from tutorials becasue I couldn't find many good ones, and I didn't realize you HAVE to have 21 bones with each of them named correctly. So it's solved!
  11. So, I created some rigged mesh, right...here's what I did... I made the mesh model (A catsuit sorta thing) then created the skeleton/armature and then linked it to the mesh so that when I move a bone, the mesh moves with it. I then exported it as a .dae file and tried to upload it to second life... This is where I have problems. The skinweight and joint positions boxes are greyed out and I can't click them. Is there some step in-between I missed? Please answer swiftly, I don't have much time! hehe Thanks, Gypsy
  12. So, this wonderful sim has banned me for being "underage." I have a picture of my ID uploaded into my inventory, and I showed it to one of the leaders of the sim. She says, I need to satisfy LL, not her. But, I thought that LL didn't get involved in such things. How do I get them involved? EDIT: When I say underage, I mean under the age of 18. I have been playing on this sim for about 20 days now and they somehow got the idea I was underage.
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