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  1. I had tried that. It just came up with the same message. I know that i had installed a few junk plug ins from my computer (FIrefox) and it started acting up since then. are there any internet plug ins that aid in SL viewer operations? I've tried just about every suggestion i've heard and nothings worked
  2. Alright I get most of that but I dont understand where to get the address for secondlife viewers. The website works fine but it's logging into the viewers that didn't work.
  3. Alright I’m going insane. I posted here about the Certification authority for this server is not know message in my log in menu in all of the viewers. I did get a response last time but the options I had gotten had not worked. I tried to do a system restore and it failed. My clock is fine and set right. My fire wall and spyware is not blocking sl at all. I just don’t know what to do now.
  4. No matter what account I log into and no matter what viewer, it will not load or log me in at all. It asks for me to trust it or cancel but even when trust is selected it trys to log in then goes fails and it has the same menu.
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