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  1. -------was the store name. i dont really wannt smear her cuz her avatar r very well made. a friend of mine bought her dreanai and night elf skins and were very well made. trryed whispering that name ingame but nothing so idk anyways else to msg her/ i can tell her store has changed a few item have been removed. just wish i knew a way to get ahold of this person.
  2. sorry if in wrong forums but i was wondering a couple things. any way to contact an SL admin and have them check when last someone been on and if they can return linden? (long story) a month ago i was going threw market place and ran across someone stuff and thought that they look very well made and wanted to see if they would make me one. they said yes for 3k lindens. so got the 3k linden together s/he said take bout a week to get it done. it been bout a month and cant seem to get ahold of the person anymore. so idk if i got scammed and an admin can return the 3k to me or am i boned?
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