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  1. Whatever it is, it's the first time i have heard about it. Sorry for offending you.
  2. Well, neither of us are minors in RL and i had no idea regarding ageplay prior to this, he is just a smaller guy. What made it worse was the way we were treated, this random just sent me an IM stating "reported" and he continued to be an ass, if he had asked us to leave we would have. As for the runt thing, the risk is now my friends if he wishes to continue with this. I am just glad that as you stated LL acts immediately and therefore i have yet to have action taken against me. Thanks
  3. Hey all, So about 6 days ago i was having some fun with a friend, another user on the sim deemed my friends av to be "childlike" and reported us both. The thing is, he was not a child nor roleplaying a child, his bio states he is 21 and he is a "runt". How can people place such reports indicating something like ageplay, which i have no interest in and our IM's suggest no ageplay, based upon someones shape and the fact they are shorter than the oversized musclehead avs? I have yet to be banned but i worry that i will be, under no circumstance other than some strangers observations. How long do LL normally take to act upon these? Thanks for reading
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