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  1. I pay for voice morphing but when I voice everybody tells me I sound like Minnie mouse or the chipmunk.I broight femine 1&2 but I don't sound like the voice I brought so can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong.?? I love Alvin & the chipmunks but I don't wanna sound like them and besides I wanna sound like the voices I brought..TY
  2. Dee1Loves1only

    SL TV

    I have the proper adobe flash for windows 8.1 but for some reason I'm not able to watch SL TVS..WHY? COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT..TY..I HAVE QUICK TIME..STILL YET I CANNOT WATCH SL TV..
  3. Dee1Loves1only

    Buying land

    How can I abandon my linen home and rent a larger place so I can have greater prims-allowance? Where would I go to buy this house with land? And also what is the drawback if this new house is not counted? How would that affect me if the house is not counted?
  4. Dee1Loves1only

    increase prims

    My name is Dee1loves1only..I am new here..I upgraded so therefore,I got one of the linden home..I brought a yorkshire dog but it won't let me set it up in the house because of insufficient land resources...How may I increase my land resourse to put my puppy in my linden home??? Please need help to increase my prims..Thank you..
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