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  1. Yea lol your prolly right about that one, either way I don't like threats especially when my finances are involved. We shall see how far this goes... To be continued....
  2. Ethan I would agree with you on the legal thing however, they have threatened to void my inventory of barrels if i dont conform to their guidelines. I have A LOT of RL money invested in my inventory, proven by SL transactions. If they proceed with this said void of my stock I now have an issue with this unimportant issue.
  3. So earlier today I got a random message from a trolling Avatar telling me that I'm not charging enough for my gorilla barrels, and I have been reported. LOL Really? 600L to 4000L is enough to charge for a pixel animal. Balancing paying rent for my sim to allow my animals to breed and rent for my stores to sell the babies to recover money spent to feed the animals can be stressful without some troll telling me I need to charge a certain amount. What they think is a fair price in today's economy most people cant afford in SL let alone RL. SL is supposed to be available and enjoyable and available for ALL budgets. My prices are fair and very ranged by traits and they are affordable to all in SL to enjoy, and I charge what i need to charge to cover my costs. PERIOD. My question is, how does 1 avatar get the audacity to tell another what they need to charge for a product I bought, fed and bred?? Especially not knowing the persons financial situations?? Reported? To who exactly? Do people realize there are laws protecting merchants from trolls? Its called Tortious Intereferance. So i say to all trolls, enjoy life, its short. If you intentionally pose a threat to somebody's income you better be prepared for the legal ramifications. It can be a lot more damaging to you then just minding your own business.
  4. Newly remodeled sim is now open for business! Store rentals available for lease now! Come check out our beautifuly decorated sim and choose the perfect space to sell your designs! Store spaces available: 500L wkly - 2112m - 239prms 125L wkly - 192m - 65prms 50L wkly - 64m - 21prms http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Urqhart/222/226/52
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