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  1. I got a new computer because my old one died. Trouble is I don't remember my sl password. When I do the change password I'm sent a link that askes me questions I have to be looged in to remember the answers to. Like how much was my last L$ purchus? I haven't gotten any for more than a month. What can I do?
  2. It occers to me that if I wore this in a crowded area i could be bouncing around like a pinball. May be funny!
  3. thanks I'll give it a try. By the way, will this also push me back if I walk within 2 meters of another avatar?
  4. Alright, so how dificult would it be to make my own personal force field that would work even in no script areas and where would I learn the skills needed to create it?
  5. A move lock won't help me. What I need is something that keeps other avatars about two meters away from me. It has to do with a game I play and any closer than that is trouble for me.
  6. ok thanks for the input. I was hoping for something with out scripts because i need in a no script area. have to try something else.
  7. I am trying to make a simple shell with no scripts that I could simply wear and it would keep other avatars about 2 meters away from me. The trouble I am having is when I attach it, other avatars can just walk through it so it doesn't work unless I put it on the ground and get inside it. I need it to be wearable so I can move around with it some. Can this be done?
  8. I came across one. I was in a place with no one else around but noticed a dot on the mini map. When I looked, nobody was there. I was curious so I bumped into him/her. He/she asked who I was but before I could answer they said "you're nice" and skipped off. I thought something was wrong on my end and I just couldn't see other AVs. But, it seems there really are invisibility cloaks in SL.
  9. I really enjoy the creativity of different peoples avaitars. Some are amazing! My goal is to make my avaitar look as much like the real me as I can. Well, maybe just a little younger and thinner. Still having trouble with my Roman nose though.
  10. Thank you Dillon! When I was trying to think of a name I tried several that weren't avilible and I thought it's not likely I'll find one I really like and on a lark I tyed it in.
  11. I thihnk I've solved it myself. I took the AO off, logged off SL, Logged in again, then put an AO on. It seems to be working well now.
  12. My AOs are KKD Basic Male, Vista Male Casual 2, Vista MAle Basic MOCAP and KKD Basic male with radar. None are working. When I put one on the controls show up, but there no message about memory. When I detach one I DO get a message about memory. The message I used to get when I put one on. I am currently using a somewhat slow conection. Could it be that I'm just not pacient enough or is there another issue going on?
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