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  1. Hi folks! I'm making this quick - I need someone that is looking for work.. Lightroleplay - experienced SL user (basic rez, reposition..etc)- fast learner to serve tables. I have an event in 4 hours and need one more person to help! IM ' CyanideX Resident ' ASAP Thanks!!!
  2. Ciao Bella's Restaurant - offering a dining experience with actual waiters and waitresses for tonight only 10% total bill. [Life] scripted, dining by the oceanside. Family friendly, dinner for two, dinner for family, dinner for friends, just because.. This special offer will only be available tonight. After your meal, we also have a gorgeous art gallery by Enjolie named Evolve. Actual living artists with lots of talent. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hartford/88/197/23
  3. Looking for waiters and waitresses. Experienced SL users that know basics of SL. Interested in working at a restaurant. Set your own hours (between 8am and 11:59pm SLT) Light roleplaying.100% tips. Questions and applications will now be directed to the General Manager Enjolie.Mccullough Looking to hire the right people immediately.
  4. Okay - Since i'm seeing new people post here.. I may have an opportunity for you soon. Currently looking for servers that know how to rez - position - rotate (basics of sl) will need light roleplaying I need several people within the 8am slt to 11pm slt times. If i can get several people willing to put in their times Monday through Friday - i don't want to hire 20 people for specific times! This will open up new opportunities for our new SL players that could potentially become employees later.
  5. at Ciao Bella's Restaurant Your job: Welcoming and serving customers Your pay: 100% tips (currently) Roleplay: Only light roleplaying is needed Hours looking: 8am to 11:59pm SLT // Of course not these many hours - but looking to cover this range with several new employees. Questions?: IM: XCyanideX
  6. Still looking for daily users! Looking for some light roleplayers that would like to work at a fabulous restaurant! If you see this - give me an IM in world first up until around... 8pm SLT 1/62016. I'm in need of people that are online from 8am - 11:59pm. Will hire around 3 people to the right candidates.. This is for waitering or waitressing. Pay: 100% tips XCyanideX
  7. Wow.. got a huge group of friends now :) I hope to be able to get to know everyone soon! ~~Just gonna pause this message for now :)
  8. ....A waiter or waitress! Times currently needed are from 11am-5pm SLT (you don't have to be on for that many hours.. looking to hire around 2 people that could cover this span daily) Daily DAYTIME staff needed Must be familiar with some light roleplay. You must know how to rez, reposition..etc - easy stuff! Not going to teach sl players how to do these things! Dedicated workers that want to make money - I do not schedule individuals.. you come when people come and be ready. 100% tips only Casual dress Any questions? IM XCyanideX To apply - take this LM - find the staff wall and click a notecard giver and follow the notecard. Ciao Bella's Restaurant
  9. I'm looking for a strong sales team. Currently seeking 5 sales people. Req. 2 people who are on Full time/ daily: Must be several months old with sales experience. These two will also work 2 shifts per week, but will also be on daily to answer notifiers when no one else is scheduled. Other sales folk.. Part time (for those who don't come online everyday), still needs to put in 2 shifts per week. All hours, but our clients do come on during SLT days/evenings. Age: No child avatars. SL start date must be at least 30 days. I don't mind alts, but must meet my requirements. Commission based only. Please only apply if your heart is in it. To make the clients wedding the best experience they can get and yes, that does start with a good sales team. Dress code does apply here. IM me in world or send a notecard and I'll give you an application. Will respond daily. XCyanideX Resident --Terra Divine
  10. Once again, looking for a strong sales team Reqs: Atleast several months old (from starting) No child avis Must be a daily user Flexibility is a must (for now - when it comes to being online) Looking for someone experienced in sales in RL or SL (for now - only training on context - not how to sell, but i will interview you making sure you know how to sell) Roleplaying - It is somewhat essential that you know how to roleplay atleast just even a little (It's not hard, look it up) Not required, but we do have a few clients that would like to voice.. So if you don't mind using voice.. it's just a little heads up perk Payment: Commission based on what you sell Eternally Yours Weddings ====If i missed anything, or if you have any more questions - let me know====
  11. Eternally Yours Weddings ~ Established since 2013 I'm looking to hire 5 more sales consultants. Right now, we're hiring around the clock and if you are a daily user, you'd benefit from this. Early AM's late PM's would be great. Commission based only If you have a way with words, attention to detail, etc... Please IM me - XCyanideX for an Application. Will train the right person. Again this is for SALES consultants only. (We hire within on planners/ministers after a month of sales) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternally%20Yours/77/179/3502
  12. It's time to start hiring in Sales again! I'm not here to play mom, so read well. Age Requirements:; Avatar age must be 18+ to be considered Requirements: Avatar must be over 30 days Dressed appropriately PLEASE! Dedicated, Reliable, Listens well, Follows Directions, Passionate After training - self starter Can and shall commit to 2 shifts a week (please don't make me bug you) Experience: Not necessary, but would be a plus As far as weddings go, we do some roleplay. We aren't complete robots (laughs) So feel free to have some personality, roleplaying. Let loose. Pay: Commision based only ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is for SALES CONSULTANTS ONLY ~ After at least month of being with us at EY we will then consider you for other positions/opportunities (such as ministering/wedding planning...etc). Feel free to IM me in world, searchable name, XCyanideX Ask me for an application. Thank you, Terra Divine (Sales Manager)
  13. I was just looking at one! http://www.free-lsl-scripts.com/cgi/freescripts.plx?ID=971
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