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  1. Well. I was able to resize it back. What do you mean graphics could have pulled a fast one on me?
  2. I noticed one of the items I was wearing shrank by itself as if I had used the "Strecth" option in edit. It shrank to the minimial size, I didn't touch it, it did it completely by itself. Any ideas why this happened? I noticed before this had happened I was unable to to left click on the item and select "Edit" as "Edit" was grayed out, maybe this had something to do with it.
  3. I was in one sim, and teleported to another and I noticed one of the items I was wearing shrank by itself as if I had used the "Strecth" option in edit. It shrank to the minimial size, I didn't touch it, it did it completely by itself. Any ideas why this happened?
  4. Usually the items that I own that I put down are shown as lightblue on my minimap. I noticed that some items don't always show on my minimap, and sometimes they do. Im wondering how I can get an item of mind that is placed down that is not showing up as a blue square on the minimap to appear on the minimap again
  5. Whenever there is a server restart, my viewer will always play a loud "ding" sound along with the pop-up notifying you of the restart, is there anyway(Besides turning the viewers volume down) to disable this sound from playing when there is a restart. It always manages to scare me :smileylol:
  6. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but on my viewer (firestorm) I noticed that sometimes the number on the slider for my shapes will change, I noticed this last with my "Hover" slider, I had it set to 48 and I logged on today and it was on 50
  7. I've noticed that sometimes on my property, for varied types of furniture- The poseballs will sometimes be invisible as in there is an animation selected, the poseballs just aren't visible I was wondering why this is, and how you can fix it. The only way I've been able to fix it, is to re-log. After re-logging they are visible
  8. Chances are if they took it out already they probably won't put it back in, when did they take this out anyway, seems like such an unesserecry removal
  9. Huh, So they havn't removed it recently then? this was a while ago? Just to be clear we're talking about going to edit apperance and at the outfit list if you added any new items to your current outfit or deleted them you could right click on your outfit and select replace current outfit and it would revert back to the orginal removing any items you added that you didn't save to the outfit. Eh, must have been a brain fart, I could've sworn I just did this the other day. Eiether that or i'm thinking of something else. Lol
  10. Why did they get rid of this feature? I was able to do it a week or two ago, seems pointless to get rid of the replace current outfit to your current outfit. It wa snice to have because im constaly adding stuff and wanting to revert back. Anyway thanks for the worakound
  11. I could've sworn that you got this option if you where wearing the outfit too, for excample. Say I was wearing the out "a" And I added two new objects to the outfit but didnt save it. so techincally those two new object werent part of the outfit. Now I could've sworn that id you went back to your outfit list right clicked outfit ''a" aka the one you have on and it would show "replace current outfit" And if you slected that it would take away any objects you didn't add to the outfit that you where wearing and would restore the outfit to its origional self?
  12. I don't think you are mistaken because i've seen this too.
  13. The shapes are used using the same options we have.
  14. Im pretty sure you get the "open" option when wearing some box's because its happned to me in the normal viewer
  15. Just bought something and unpacked it and selected copy to inventory. Usually when I select copy to inventory it automtically opens the folder for me ect. But it didnt do that this time and I cannot find the folder? What happened is this a bug or something?
  16. Oh I see, Yeah too bad more people dont do that. Hate having to go to sandbox's
  17. I know there are certain box's that you get when you click on them they give you the item. But I remember once getting a box and when I wore it on my right hand hovered over it with my mouse cursor the "opening box symbol appeared" and I was able to left click on it and it brought up the list of items the box contained with the "copy to inventory" and the "Copy and wear" options. I didn't have to drop the box or rez it in the world I was able to do it while it was on my avatar. But when I try it with others It does not do it. Why is it I was able to do it with one box but not any others?
  18. Nah wasnt that either it was just a random twirl of the arms around each other. Maybe my game has a ghost
  19. The thing is I liked this animation but I cant get it to trigger again, Now the AO just plays the normal loop it always does. Maybe it was a bug. But it looked like it was surpposed to move that way it didnt look glicthy it looked smooth
  20. Nope. Was just standing there my normal AO was playing and it did a random animation where my arma sort of spinned around in front of my avatar's chest. Its not part of the AO I had on. I don't know if maybe it is part of the AO but it doesnt play during the loop I went through a whole loop just wacthing to see of it did it and it didnt.
  21. My avatar just did some random animation where it started spinning it arms really fast. It isn't part of my AO what can cause a random animation like this.
  22. I had a hairbase saved in one of my outfits. When I selected the outfit to wear the tattoo didnt equip. niether did it show up on the list of items and stuff for my outfit. But if I looked for the item in my normal inventory. It was still there. But today I logged in and it was there and was equiped with the outfit. Is this a reccuring thing? Has anyone else experienced this?
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