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  1. yep! velk you are right i messed up, a pair of rings i was wearing actually had a deformer that moved the arms, and it was somehow also changing head shape just slightly, at least im not totally crazy thanks for the help!
  2. oh its the same head between two different avis, she sent me her shape without any change, and i put it on and we look different
  3. Also for more info we are both using the exact same head, catwa catya 4.0, same skin and everything, its really confusing!
  4. So im trying to use the same shape as a friend of mine, and for some reason with the exact same measurements, same brows same skin and all, we look totally different in the face, the facial features are WAY off, mine is much more blocky with a bigger chin, and hers is smaller and thinner, im really not sure what the heck is causing this. A friend of mine told me a rumor about when you start an account male or female you start with a 'preset' of this is how your gonna look, and nomatter how much you adjust your stuck with the DEFAULT. Has anyone else had this issue or know a fix for using
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