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  1. E x a c t l y the reply I was looking for. Thank you!! Seems I've decided on where my business is going next. 😄 As I said, I love marketing, IIII'm readyyy!
  2. That's great info, thank you! I'm more familiar with 3DS, but I do have some experience with blender. I'll definitely check it out.
  3. By years ago, I mean I used to create my own items on SL, then I stopped as it was just a for fun kind of thing, and I can get the same for fun experience doing it on IMVU while making money out of it. I am fully aware of mesh bodies and the sorts, I have several of them myself, male & female (TMP, BLZ, Slink to name a few). SL has always been an on-off hobby of mine regardless of whether I make stuff on it or not. Prices vary, so very much between IMVU and SL, a developer makes $0.40/1,000 credits. Product prices vary greatly but each sale makes me an average of $0.08 with a range va
  4. I love it, I wouldn't be asking otherwise. As someone who's been there done that on another platform and is confident in doing it on SL, I'm wondering if expanding, or even moving my business over to this platform is worth my time, the end goal for me is more profit. 😊 I'll look further into it, I did try my hand at entering the male market on IMVU and I did it, but it just wasn't worth the time as there was (and still is) a much bigger demand from females.
  5. That's a little worrying 😅. They have, SL had and continues to evolve in so many ways. I guess it's a matter of SL being the main and best platform of its sort, and with the lack of competition people don't have much choice and if they want a "virtual world" experience, well, this is where they get it. Although the lack of growth isn't smart business for LL, maybe things will change as they continue to evolve and *hopefully* not crash as a company. If they do, the next thing comes along, and we creators move to the next thing. I've been saying the same about IMVU for almost a decade, but
  6. Very interesting, I'll definitely be taking a closer look at that, thank you! Clothing is what I spend most of my time doing nowadays. A lacking male market, the same applies to IMVU. Seems to be a trend due to the lack of male users, or maybe just the lack of interest in shopping. 😂
  7. A question within a question, how is the user base doing in SL these days? Is it still growing? Are there any figures on that anywhere?
  8. I honestly, cannot argue with that first statement. 😂 I believe it does, at least on IMVU and I can surely bring that here. Marketing is my speciality 😉. Thank you for the tips though, bloggers and photographers are a great idea. The cash out figure can always be misleading, like on IMVU, there are thousands upon thousands of creators that would cash out a yearly minimum with a couple hundred on the maximum end of the spectrum, with far and wide between depending on their skills. I guess it's more of a "what are the figures for each end of the spectrum" kind of question, as
  9. Hi, so I've been thinking since the end of last year of bringing my "talents" of creating to SecondLife. I've been a developer on (don't burn me at the stake, please) IMVU for many years, and the income is good, but it could always stretch further. I was wondering what are the typical earnings of the top 10% of clothing creators on SL, if there are any figures anyone has seen or heard of? Right now I'm at around $6,000/month from IMVU, which is considered on the higher end of earnings, not the biggest, but definitely up there. I create some meshes here and there (Not too big on that as my
  10. Thank you so much! The Shell modifier is exactly what I've been looking for!
  11. Hi, I've been wondering about having double sided objects in 3DS max so the materials show up on both sides of an object. For example, if I make a hat starting with a box, and I decide to delete a face, so let's say the bottom and made it act as the inside of the hat, it would be invisible in the renderer. I have tried to force 2 sided objects in the render properties, but when I upload into SL that obviously doesn't stay. For simple objects, my method would be to clone the finished object, scale to 99% to prevent clipping, flip the normals and attach to the original object, but that doesn't m
  12. That's not how my file looks sadly, maybe I did something wrong in the whole process. I'll retry on another mesh tomorrow and I'll post here how it turns out.
  13. I'm not exactly a professional at this, but have you tried to tinker with the scale option in upload options tab when you upload your mesh into SL?
  14. Hi, thank you for your reply. I have been following that tutorial very carefully. I tried to add the collision bones as you said, but that didn't help either. I've noticed that I don't have the Left_Handle or Right_Handle collision bones and my total bone count ends up at 50, (26 without collision bones). Also, I've tried to look for the "Joints Array" in my collada file, I even used the find tool and that doesn't seem to be anywhere in my file, altough all the bones that I selected are listed.
  15. Hi, over the past few months I finished my 3ds max course and had enough practice to begin making things for Second Life, I made and textured a simple top, as picture linked below, but the only problem is that I have no idea how to rig it to my SL avatar, I have no idea how rigging works and I can't find any tutorials for 3DS Max rigging for SL. Or would Blender tutorials work just as well if I adapt them? Thank you for any and all help! http://prnt.sc/8n0o0f Edit: So after figuring out rigging and spending all day working with the skin modifier, I finally got it to work! Everything works per
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