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  1. it's not really a discussion on if its true or not its a discussion on WHY YOU think its true or why you think its false. just your justification for it hahah Just state your thoughts i have my own beliefs and convictions about it
  2. thats not the discussion at all. the discussion is femae (geniun female) escorts success vs males (genuin male) escorts success. if it easier for women to persuade men or easier for men to persuade women
  3. As a male escort and considering the success of companions who are female escorts i can see a trend going on. Not sure if its just me or my point of view but it seems female escorts are far more successful than male escorts, despite having more competition. Just rouzing up a discussion so i would like to hear your thoughts on the matter, Do you think females have the upper hand in dancing/escorting or do males have the upper hand or is it just a matter of what you're doing/how you're doing it and who you know? Give me your thoughts :) NO ARGUMENTS PLEASE Thank you
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  6. Texasthomas Voice Verified Escort Looking for a daddy dom or just want a bit of fun? Message me for more info or find me here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ArchAngel/116/46/22
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