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  1. i would like to increase the height of my avi, theme is suppernatural being, and being sorta same height as must is really not normal (to me atlest) so trying to just be taller, i know i need a mod shape (witch i already have) and i have increased it to roughly 2.50M (8") would like to go taller
  2. Noix Nexen

    Lost Avi (account)

    So i lost my account, i have no way that i know of getting it back beside getting the pw sent to me by email (email thats on the account) i spend lots money on this alt and Second life is totally not helping me get access to it. the info thats on the account i cant even remember, let alone half of the things that was sent to it.. All i know is the lindens i sent Account email (that is my Email) Date it was created (close to the date) Like really i am very angry that SL support wont send a email confirming. they are little to NO Help at all.
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