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  1. thank you rolig,  that works insíde of the listener event,


    if (oldscore == 2)
    llInstantMessage(aviKey,"you score is "+ (string) oldscore +" ");


    is it possible to make it work like this within an touch event? when i try its telling me the variables ar not defined


        touch_start(integer total_number)
    llInstantMessage(aviKey,"you score is "+ (string) oldscore +" ");

    = error


  2. Hello, im actually using this free script and i want to modify it so, if some person reaches xx points an event should trigger, just like "you got 10 points".

    but i cant figure out which variables i have to "if" for


    // :CATEGORY:Games
    // :NAME:Random Rezzer Game
    // :AUTHOR:Anonymous
    // :CREATED:2013-09-06
    // :EDITED:2013-09-18 15:39:00
    // :ID:675
    // :NUM:918
    // :REV:1
    // :WORLD:Second Life
    // random game
    // :CODE:
    integer GIVE = TRUE; // if TRUE, give them a random prize
    integer channel = -1234321; // some random integer rto talk with
    integer maxCount = 100;  // Only keep the 100 top scores so we do not run out of RAM
    list scores;// a list of scores (integers like 1,1,23, and avatar names. Wr number is first so we can sort on it for high scores.
        on_rez(integer start_param)
            llResetScript();    // when you rez it, we have to start a listener
            llListen(channel,"","","");    // listen on our secret channel for things that are touched.
        listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)
            list stuff = llParseString2List(message,["^"],[]); // look in message for aviName^aviKey
            string aviName = llList2String(stuff,0);         // get the name
            key aviKey = (key) llList2String(stuff,1);    // get the key
            llSay(0, "Prim " + name +  " caught by : " + aviName);
            // lets see of this person is in the list of people already played
            integer index = llListFindList(scores,[aviName]);  // get the number of the position of the name, the score is one less than this
            if (index  == -1)
                // Nope, so we add them to the list
                scores += 1;    // they have one object;
                scores += aviName;
                llOwnerSay("Welcome, " + aviName + " .  This you your first time to play, so just keep watching for and clicking the objects and have fun");
                // yes, they have played before, get their old score
                integer oldscore = llList2Integer(scores,index-1);
                oldscore++;        // add an object to the old score
                scores = llListReplaceList(scores,[oldscore],index-1, index-1);    // save it back in the score list
            if (GIVE)
                integer PrizeNum = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT);    // get how many items are in this prim
                integer whichOne = llCeil(llFrand(PrizeNum)) -1 ;  //pick a prize, randomly
                llGiveInventory(aviKey, llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,whichOne));
            scores = llListSort(scores,2,FALSE); //sort from largest num to lowest
            scores = llDeleteSubList(scores, maxCount, maxCount+1); // delete the smallest score so we never get bigger than maxCount
            string scoreText;    // We need to calculate the highest scores for display
            integer i ;
            integer stop = 10;    // show top 10 scores
            if (llGetListLength(scores) < 10)    // is the list bigger than 10 yet?
                stop = llGetListLength(scores);
            // print out the top 10 scores, or fewer
            for (i = 0; i < stop; i+= 2)
                scoreText += llList2String(scores,i+1) + " : " + (string) llList2String(scores, i) + "\n";
        }// end listen
    }    // end default

    what would be the proper way to ask if someone has xx points?


     if (llDetectedKey(0) / points = 10)
    do blabla
  3. hey there, im using the official second life viewer, but some settings does not save and i have to redo the settings on my next login. for example: minimap -> right click -> stop tracking, and avatar -> show look at, i also can change the size of the adress bar on top and it dosent save the settings, im running the viewer as admin as well. what can i do to the save this settings?

  4. Hey, some weird things going on with second life on PC, if i am moving with the camera around avatars, and i switch back the fps goes down to 1 - 5 fps, i tested it with the official viewer, singularity and firestorm. I am almost out of ideas because i tried everything to fix it, my specs are:


    Intel Core i5-4430 4x 3,10GHz
    6 GB DDR3-1333
    Geforce GTX 650 1GB DDR5
    Samsung 120 GB Solid State Drive 840 Series


    I tried different graphic driver versions, updated my chipset driver, installed SL to another HDD (not ssd), changed the cache folder, lowered graphic settings to low, reinstalled windows (7), etc...


    so yea, i made videos. i hope i find a solution here.







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