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  1. The UVs were unwrapped after I applied the array, so all the faces wouldn't take up the same texture space. I needed individual space for shadowing. There was a UV map associated with that specific object when I tried uploading it. There was, however, another object in the link set that didn't have a UV map associated.. I don't know if that could mess with the upload calculations or not.. I'm still pretty sure it had to do with the LOD because, I uploaded that same thing several times on the beta grid and it had varied LI depending on it's place in the linkset.. If it was the root, the LI was lower, if not, higher. Like 2LI (Download) when root compared to 9LI (again Download) when not.. The only thing is, I have no idea how to make that specific mesh in the uploader root.
  2. I didn't even think about the LOD causing the issue, but that actually makes a lot of sense. Yes, I'm sure it has fewer triangles. and I don't know what the uploader has to say because I'm uploading it as a group of meshes.. which rezzes as a linkset. Either way, it's a 6 sided cube, elongated to look like a board with an array modifier.. I've simply separated it into parts after I've applied the array. 6 sides x 2 tris per side = 12 tris per cube... The first object has 12 more tris than the second object. Which also means the second object has 4 fewer vertices. However, I'm pretty sure it's the LOD differences that's causing the issue, now that you've mentioned it. So, I'll accept that as the correct answer.. Thank you very much.
  3. (I'm referring to Land Impact as LI) I don't understand the LI calculator at all! I understand how the LI system works.. the 3 tiers. What I don't understand is the stupid calculator when you upload an object or link set. I'm trying to make a bridge and when I'm uploading this bridge, it would seam to me, that when you upload, there would be some kind of uniform calculation for the triangles. This is NOT so. I was having issues with the land impact when uploading it as a link set. What I'm trying to understand is, when you upload a mesh that has multiple objects. Why are the land impacts for individual parts of the link set so different. It seems it has nothing to do with the number or size of the triangles. Below there are 2 images. both images show a separate part of the floor and the LI for that specific part. First Part Second Part Why is the download portion of the LI for the second part SO MUCH HIGHER than the first, even though it has less triangles thus making it smaller in size? WHY?... (mumbles profanity incoherently). If someone could please explain this to me, I would appreciate it very much.. Thanks ahead of time :), Lee.
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