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  1. I think it was 15 something for Land Impact, but that makes sense about it being high and not having LOD's in place.
  2. Alright, that is good to know, I added them to separate layers just because it was easier for me to see what needed to be move and where, but what portions needed to be rigged? Figuring it is just the head, I am assuming only a few areas such in the eyes and jaw? I also took sub completely off and fixed the blocky areas with my own edge loops. It doesn't look too bad, and as you said, I am assuming most of the areas I see oddness won't be noticable when it is textured. If any spots stick out, let me know so I can try to shift and smooth it. I just felt like I would sitting and picking at the areas forever as I tried for a perfect smoothness. I am a bit surprised I brought the Tris down even further than the first time. With the five eyelid duplicates and the lower jaw included, it is now only 2630. There isn't much left to add to the actual base of the head except teeth, which I don't think will jump my number above 3k. Also, while I was messing around on the beta grid and uploading an older variation to see price and such, I noticed the Land impact was rather high. Now I think I was using the Sub surf version, but I was curious what sort of number are you hoping for in the land impact when uploading mesh?
  3. I am gonna give that a go tonight and see if I can get that working. A question about uploading..Do I need to upload each piece by themselves and link them from inside SL somehow or can I have each new eye lid location on different layers in blender? Still not quite sure how the uploading and what needs to be with what thing goes.
  4. Wow. you all have been a considerable help! First off, Rahkis, should I use a completely new and seperate mesh piece to simulate the blink and just stretch and copy as I go? Thank you both for the tips on using less detail, I guess I sort of got that newbie attack and felt it needed to be as smooth and 'complete' as possible before realizing it is sucking up a lot of memory. I am not sure how normal maps work but would that make it much more difficult for texturing? I am not an artists but luckily I have a friend who is willing to give it a shot with the little knowledge I know of texturing. Also about the detached jaw, if you come across any sort of info, I'd be willing to cry a few hours in a corner on scripting than have that tacky seam. I know it won't be so badly visible when it is textured, but I really liked how it looked before I chopped it up and added the extra sides. An Heavyhauler, thanks for the scripts! Does the integers mean I need at least three copies but less than 15, or is their a specific number I should be going for?
  5. I haven't applied the Subsurf fully, but yes, I always place render on smooth before starting. Because I haven't made Sub surf 2 permanent, I think I may turn it off and go through the proccess of manually adding the edge loops. It'll be a pain, but like you said, I won't get the extra edge loops to worry about. Thanks for the help on that portion. EDIT- I turned Sub down to 1 An it dropped the Tris to 5312. Wow, for the amount that needed fixing, that is a huge drop. Glad you pointed that out.
  6. So I am rather new to the entire 3D Modeling area, I took a college course which used Maya, but of course Blender was a complete change for me. For the past week or so I have been working on a mesh head of my character I created. This is my progress.. The seam on the lower jaw is actually where it is separated to add Talk and chat motion, but I had a few questions (An any criticism on the actual head would be great.) regarding the options I am not sure how will work in SL and I can't find exact tutorials on it. -I wanted it to blink and I know I you have to do it with invisible motions, but I can't find any help regarding on how to get that set up to work with a script. -Secondly, it currently is made up of 18,432 Tris. Is that sort of high for a furry mesh head, if so, where could I find some info on decreasing it? I have it rezed in Sub surf 2, any lower makes it look tacky and blocky. Going kinda with both questions, the head will also have separate ears, fur tufts for cheek and back of the head area, does that also go against the Tris count and does that bring up issues with which bone they will be attached to or will it also require scripting. Alternatively, if anyone can point me at a good tutorial for any of the questions, please link them. I have spent hours searching for help on a lot of this with no avail.
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