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  1. Hello, I recently started Man Cave Strip Games Group. We are a Men’s group for guys who like to hang out and play strip games. Make up the rules as you want, but if you like nudity and being a little naughty with other guys, then join us. We don't care what your orientation is… as long as you like playing strip games. Use group chat to find other players for games.
  2. Thank you for the info. Guess you can tell I'm new.. :matte-motes-confused:
  3. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I just bought what I thought was swimwear. So I go to put it on and the poster attached itself to my arm.. am I supposed to do something to get all the items it came with to properly wear them? I can't walk around with a poster on my arm.. Please advise on what to do. thank you in advance.
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