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  1. hello. whenever i take a snapshot and try to send to flicker..i cannot as it says there is a problem conneting me to flicker xanu look into this for me i would verymuch apreciate your help, Sincerely Raynekittyhttps://i.gyazo.com/1dc8ebe0860fa05e29d02b4766cb2a1c.gif
  2. i am unable to purchase any lindens ,with my credit debit bankcard, the same card iu have been using for my last few purchases .....please canu help me with this im soooo frustrated!! n thankyou
  3. well i have always used a prepaid credit card to but my lindens, i have never had a problem with it except for today, it registered my card but wont let me buy lindens,tell me to go back to the producr page
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