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  1. I have cleared my chace redownloaded my webrowsers and used three different browsers used built in browser. Cleared my cookies. searched the forums. The forums seem to say this is Liden's fault and they can go fix my account. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Adult-Content-Feedback/Adult-Content-under-My-Preference/m-p/1594857/highlight/true#M51 I can acess adult worlds in game, but I cannot search under adult. [Edit] My account is over 900 days old. I can use market place adult search fine. I can use ingame adult "destinations" fine. I can change my ingame preferences to G,M,A. I am currently logged into an adult world. But I can only use destinations or have someone teleport me. I cannot search for adult areas. I am 21 years old... I assume ill need to submit a ticket..
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