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  1. Black Wine = Cofffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. IC - Tal, My Name is Dejah and I work for a company called the Golden Larl Trading Company. They are a Merchant group in Gor, Owning and running many business, having trade items and Mercenaries for hire. Currently we are based in Cities like Turia, Olni, Hochburg and Voltai and where currently recuriting for new employees. Either for work in your curren town, or if your after a change we have position open in several key locations including Kargash. If you are seeking employment and wanting to earn good coin please contact by any means Aurelian Ambrai (inismore), A Humble Merchant (Hildof), Dejah (CalamityJayneAmor), or Ashara Decius (aeonamcbride). Well met, we hope to hear from you soon. OOC - Hey, where currently a RP group that RPs in 8+ sims and where looking for more people to join our RP, either in there current cities or heading into the locations we already are to fill positions needed. We dont care you RP style, GE or BTB. Where hear to bring you real RP thats fun and constant. We dont mind if you have other employment in towns and are just looking for more or if you are completely new to Gor. Greens, Blues, Yellows, High Caste, Low Caste, Merchant Houses, Slaves... we want everyone. Please feel free to IM any of the people above and we can see if and where you will fit i our RP, Our Goal is to get more good RP going in Gor sims. Most of us are para rpers old school style gor, please dont be scared of that where welcoming of everyone. Thanks for your Time
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