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  1. I will follow the blocking guide to avoid future complications if they continue to harass me, thanks again for the quick response and the help I appreciate you taking your time to answer me, thanks for the guide again & have a good day or night everyone ^^ /
  2. Thank you all for the answers, I will have it in mind although now I feel a little discontent with having to keep reporting ^ ^u I will have to work on ignoring that kind of people .... again thanks to all~~~~
  3. if the person who is harassed me have different names or different avatars, reporting it over and over again will work??? for be honest I dislike the fact that I can not do more than that ... but I can understand why you say it ~~~ thanks for your answer !
  4. Hi all~~~~ I want to know what can I do even if I actually did an abuse report on second life because in my case in world the person who harassed me made an alter account with almost the same name or similar to mine and wrote in his or her profile defaming things pointing to my account so now my dude is if here is a way to report an account to be completely deleted ? I really feel annoyed and indignant about what that person has put in his or her profile pointing towards mine as a permanent form of harassing me too ... I accept suggestions please if someone can help with a tip, I will appreciate and thank you very much~~~~ in legal way of course ^ ^ Thanks to all the people who took the time to read my case.
  5. D: ty for the help really I needed I think the pages will help me a lot too ^ ^/ tyty for the immediate response~ :matte-motes-kiss:
  6. OMG ty for the suggestion, I was thinking in do it too ^ ^u opsieess LOL I just remembered that viewers are different >.<u ty ;D
  7. Hi there hope so that someone can help me, I have a problem with my avatar because when I start a session and my avatar appears in world, in general chat appears this message: [10:55] Building the bridge. It may take a moment please wait. [10:56] Could not find the object of the bridge. You can not proceed to its creation. Exiting. And then nothing happens lol I cant play my avatar is totally naked and I can not rebuild the bridge lol why!!!! please someone can help me or guide me for knows what I can do! please!:matte-motes-stress:
  8. Hi someone can help me, I want to know if is possible change the secret question in my account just for security... What I need to do for that?
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