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  1. Hi. I don't like the idea of asking for a job this way but I was wondering if anyone was hiring hosts/male dancers or anything along those lines. I'm having trouble getting a job because I'm fairly new to SL and most job apps. have a 30 day+ thing. I understand that people don't want "noobs" working in their clubs but I was wondering if anyone could possibly consider hiring me. I'm happy to fill out any apps. etc. I'm looking for a job so I can earn money whilst I attempt to learn LSL. Anyway thanks in advance. Hmu at JayKennedy123
  2. Hey there. I'm new to SL and I've noticed there are several different skills used in SL that enable you to create things like AOs, Clothes, skins etc. I've attempted graphics but I've never been too great at that sort of stuff. So, I'm thinking of giving LSL ago. I currently have full knowledge of Visual Basic , basic knowledge of C# and very little knowledge of .php . I don't know if any of this will be of much use to me but who knows. Anyway, I was hoping someone could help/teach me, guide me towards TUTs or even give me some code that I could learn off of??? Any of this would be hugely helpful!! Thanks in advance.
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