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  1. I did not want all positivity, merely not something rude as I had interpreted "man up"
  2. Alright, thanks for letting me know that. People who don't like this lifestyle should leave it alone is all I was trying to say there. I appreciate your kindness abround telling me that politely and not like a lot of internet inhabitants.
  3. So what's your problem with people like us? I've seen too many of you people who stick their noses into this just to be dickish. Sorry if I'm being rude, but if that's all you're here for, go the **bleep** away.
  4. I am a male looking to submit to a Mistress in both rl and sl. While I have no limits but scat in sl, I won't do rl video. I would love the opportunity for my mistress to sissify me and command me as they please.
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