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  1. I have had few issues with my Maitreya 4.1 mesh avatar. Generally, I have been happy with it. Until now. The problem is with the appearance of a bladder-like object (seen by my right leg n the picture) When I load up my avatar, this "bladder" appears together with a number of warning triangles. Clicking the bladder seems to indicate some kind of system issue. Thinking it was an issue with texture knitting together, I have let my avatar build, but to no avail. Any help please?
  2. Thank you for all your responses to my query. As to the experience of miscarriage, I can totally accept how traumatic it can be. It can be as traumatic for the "father" too> However in the case of Mama Allpa the female holds most of the cards If she wishes to terminate the pregnancy, she can do so at the click of a button without any contribution from the male.. If it was a genuine miscarriage I would be supportive of her, but if this was an abortion purely out of her own convenience and without involving me in her decision then it is very disappointing. THat is where the trust issue I mentioned earlier.
  3. My SL "lover and I both use respective Mamma Allpa HUDS and some weeks ago she became pregnant. As she neared "full term" she advised me that she had lost the "baby" inferring a miscarriage. I am well aware that Mama Allpa is supposed to replicate conception isdofar as the females fertility and possibility of pregnancy. I am also well aware the Mamma Allpa also allows the female to terminate (abort) the pregnancy. However, does Mamma Allpa encounter misscarriages, or has ny "lover" deliberately aborted? Trust may be an issue here
  4. Some weeks ago, several viewers (Second Life, Firestorm, etc) encountered an issue whereby the image of the viewer does not fit the screen. This was understood to be a problem created after an update for several Intel graphics systems. A number of "fixes" were suggested but as for myself, I have been unsuccessful in combating this issue. I have since been able to get my SL working fairly normally by using the Full Screen option (on Firestorm). I appreciate that this problem may be something for Intel to fix, but is there any further new as to solution?
  5. Several weeks ago I bought a Slink Physique mesh body for my avatar. While I am generally happy with the result, I am a touch frustrated with the shoulder area. When I wear a shirt or jacket I can't seem to hide the skin colour between the neck and the shoulders. I have tried using the alpha HUD but this is to no avail Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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