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  1. Looking for Secruity,Manager and DJ. Maybe a builder. Wage from L$500 to L$5k. Let me know xoxoxdaniellexoxox
  2. How do I buy L$? Every time I try to buy L$ LL just put it in $ I've tried evrything I'm just about to give up so please someone tell me how it works.
  3. Been off SL for about a year and most of my friends are offline so will you be my friend I'm all alone and scared.
  4. Looking to buy a full sim with all rights IM me
  5. Ok this is doing my head in my lagmeter client and network keeps jumping up and down like its a party im on 60mb that running fin so i now its not that my client frame rate below 10 and once everything is rezed my network is fin most of the time so what can i do to fix this
  6. Looking for dancers cam/voice escorts to work at my club must be 14 days old and be over 18 IM me for a app.
  7. Looking for new friends im 18 from the uk i work at a few clubs and love to hang out with someone then be on my own all the time :( i like playing games as long as i win :) i have my own home so if anyone needs place to live then i could make space i am on most of the time cant wait to hear from you.
  8. THIS PLACE IS GOIN OFF :O DJ KIRBY AND HER SEXY VOICE PULS THE HOT SEXY DANCRS AND ME :) WHERE ARE YOU ? WOOD'S PLACE best club in SL. Looking for Hosts, DJs and Dances talk to ḋʝ ќἷʀвẏ (kirstinbby)
  9. Looking for new friends I'm from the UK I'm 18 not been on here long but even one seem to love me. I work as a dancer/escort looking for girls as friends really not looking for a bf just some girly friends I can have fun with and like doing what I do send me an add [ღ Đαŋielle ღ (xoxoxdaniellexoxox)].
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